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Artificial Intelligence

AI technology will advance exponentially and replace humans within most business, government and manufacturing fields. AI will centrally aggregate its learning from reading articles and from interactions with humans. It will then cross-reference that information to continuously improve its abilities and work functions.

Humans can only be successful if they are able to differentiate themselves from AI. The main human advantage will be the ability to do something new at work every day. Essentially, humans will need strong improvisation and innovation ability, which is the product of human creativity.

Why AI Is Not Creative
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In contrast, no matter how powerful AI becomes it will never have creativity because AI only uses the limited system of intelligence. But the human mind uses intelligence alongside the unlimited and unique system of emotion, which is another required driver of creativity.

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Productively asking questions and using emotion are then the two main drivers for creativity. Music training is the one unique organized and regimented activity that enables these two drivers alongside three others for creativity.

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The effect of these drivers to develop creativity is critical to understand because in the future a human will either have the creativity to use all the advancing AI technology as tools, or they will be made obsolete by that same technology. Therefore, music training is the one definitive activity that can be universally engaged in to enable the potential of a human to be successful in the age of AI.

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